Meet our Partners

Below you can find out about all of our partners and their produce! Check the bottom of each description for a link to their products in our store to directly support them!

Little White Goat Cheese

Little White Goat Cheese is a small, family-run producer of lovingly handcrafted, fresh and seasonal goat, buffalo, camel and cow cheese. It is run by Karen Lindsay from her small farm in Wamuran, nestled among acres of banana plantations in the hinterlands north of Brisbane.
Karen takes a sustainable and ethical approach to managing the farm, personally overseeing the milking and breeding of the 80-strong herd of goats.
Location: Wamuran, QLD
Products: Persian Goat Feta

Little White Goat Soap

Caitlin took over making goat soap from her grandmother, Karen. She makes fresh goat milk soap suitable for the face and body. Goats milk has a very similar PH to that of human skin, making it very soothing and easily absorbed. People with sensitive skin will find her products refreshing and pleasant to use.
Caitlin uses plant based ingredients, meaning no nasties are used at all.

Location: Wamuran, QLD


Blue Dog Farm

Blue Dog Farm is a small market garden growing fresh produce naturally. Jacki grows from locally sourced seed that is organic, open pollinated and often heirloom. She doesn’t use artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, just lots of compost!
Jacki tends the garden entirely by hand – the bed preparation, the sowing, the weeding, harvesting and compost making!



Location: Ocean View, QLD
Products: Gourmet Salad

CC's Kitchen

By using what begins in the fertile ground of a small Woolooga property, Cecilia “CC” Diaz-Petersen is adding to the foodie world with her mouth-watering range of fine foods.
All of her products are made from produce grown on the Petersen’s own farm at Woolooga by Greg Petersen – CC ‘s husband.

Location: Woogoola, QLD

Amaroo Orchard & Pantry

Amaroo means “beautiful place”.
Maria runs a small lifestyle farm on the outskirts of Wamuran, approximately 60 kms north of Brisbane. Her aim is to share in the excess bounty from their little farm so, depending on the season, Maria offers an ever-changing variety of produce.
We hope that you will enjoy some of the beautiful produce from Maria’s beautiful place. Or click on the link to check out “Kookaburra Cottage” for weekend stays.
Location: Wamuran, QLD

Hive Haven

In 2011, Ann and Jeff Ross discovered a colony of honeybees had made a home in the wall of their mechanical workshop in Beerburrum. Having come from a family of apiarists, Jeff coaxed the bees into a box and before long, bees and honey had become their passion.
Ann’s new-found interest in bees and her love of stingless native honey meant it wasn’t long before there were eight thriving colonies in the backyard. With their V9 Native Bee Box, you can too! See More
Location: Beerburrum, QLD

Products:Australian Native Bee Hone